Welcome to the EUSCREEN cost-effectiveness model.

With the EUSCREEN model, the cost-effectiveness of a hearing or vision screening programme for children can be calculated for your country or region, taking your local circumstances into account.

If you login for the first time, the calculation will start with a premodule. The premodule will give an impression whether the implementation of a screening programme would be appropriate or whether your country has other, more important, health care priorities. The outcome of this premodule has no consequence for taking part in the rest of the cost-effectiveness calculation. You can skip the premodule if you wish.

With the model you should first calculate the cost-effectiveness of your current screening programme if one is present, because data about the current screening programme will be most easily accessible for you. The programme calculates the number of tests, number of referrals to diagnostics, number of cases detected, costs of screening until referral, costs of diagnostic assessments, total costs, costs per test and costs per case detected. After this, you can adjust some variables to see what effect a change of screening professional, screening test, age of screening, number of screening steps, etcetera will have.

You must realise that the accuracy of the prediction is limited by the variables you supply. Notably the sensitivity and specificity of a screening test, performed by a given professional at a given age, is unknown in most cases and you will have to make estimates.

The input and results can be saved after a calculation.

This version of the model is a preliminary version, to be used for testing. All feedback and comments are welcomed and will be used to improve the model. Feedback and comments can be sent to this email address.

There are several functions of the model that have not yet been implemented but are scheduled to be added in early 2020, for example default test sensitivity, specification of overhead costs, utility and quality of life, newborn vision screening, pre-school hearing screening, photoscreening and treatment.

The EUSCREEN team would like to thank everyone who tests the model, as the contributions of the testers are invaluable in further developing and refining the model.